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    DEVrepublik Conference is the 1-day online conference providing access to the most up-to-date trends in technology, education, and innovation. We have divided our lectures and demonstrations into business and technical tracks to offer you the most relevant perspective for your current situation.

    We are happy to unite everyone interested in technology at our conference. Every developer, project manager, product owner, IT recruiter, student looking for a career path, or individual longing to change the career will find something useful here.

    We believe that knowledge holds the greatest value, so we carefully select each speaker to showcase the best practices, information, and systems in the industry.

    You will leave the conference with the feeling of getting to know something new and exciting because the world is exciting and you’d better catch up if you want to succeed.

    What will you get

    Insights & best practices from leading companies, Practical cases on customer relationship, team development, culture, principles & values, Topics designed to enhance your daily work, Opportunity to exchange ideas, and network with colleagues from the community, Inspiration and motivation from the experience of industry experts.

    Who are looking to
    • Capitalize on new opportunities uncovered by emerging technologies,
    • Embark on organizational digital transformation,
    • Nurture an environment of innovation in the workplace,
    • Create an agile organization.
    • 1 Stream
    • 4  talks
    • Start at 16.00 Kyiv time (GMT +3) on 8 October

    4 TOP Speakers
    from best-known companies.

    Who should attend
    • Technology Managers,
    • Directors,
    • Developers,
    • Innovators,
    • Tech Media,
    • Entrepreneurs.

    Christopher Dressler

    Dressler Consulting, Founder and CEO

    DEVrepublik, CEO

    Strategic Leader and Successful IT Executive with more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector. An IT strategist, visionary and decision-maker, negotiator, problem solver and a management guru.

    Topic: How to Become a Succesful CTO

    Ivan Luchko

    Ivan received a Master’s degree in Applied Physics at the Technical University of Munich. Has diverse experience in business process automation, advanced analytics, mathematical modeling, optimization, and machine learning. During the last two years, Ivan works as Data Science team lead at Boosta

    Topic: Using Data Science to Solve Business Problems

    Oleksandr Pelykh

    Oleksandr has more than 5 years of experience in Quality Assurance. ISTQB certified. Worked in big companies and in little startups. He knows how to start automation from scratch. Uses Javascript and modern frameworks in writing automation tests. Visits conferences regularly to improve skills.
    Favorite tools: Puppeteer, Postman.
    Hobbies: work, reading, quests.

    Topic: Where do the funds go? or How to test the movement of user funds on a crypto exchange

    Ruslan Klymentiev

    Ruslan is a curriculum writer at DEVrepublik and Practice Instructor. He graduated from Odessa National Polytechnic University a specialist in “Radio-electronic devices”. He also has studied Masters in Neuro Science in Germany. 3.5 years of experience in Data Science. Interests: statistics, Data Visualization, CNN models and Computer Vision 2 times received at Weekly Kernels Award on Kaggle.com Winner.
    Hobbies: climbing and hiking

    Topic: Data Vizualization Hacking

    Dmytro Pryimak

    Dmytro is a Lead Data Engineer from such companies like N-iX and SoftServe. He is also a lecturer in Ukrainian Catholic University. He tried many roles in the world of Data Engineering – developer, tech/team lead, student and instructor. Passionate engineer and teacher, curious explorer.

    Topic: Why you should learn by teaching: how being a teacher made me a better data engineer
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