Python Advanced – online course

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    Python Advanced – online course

    Python is now one of the most used Programming languages. Python’s general purpose is easy to use and very high level.

    In this Python course, students already familiar with Python programming will learn advanced Python techniques, including Adv Iteration, Decorators, Meta Classes, Multi Processing etc.

    ПІБ платника:
    Curriculum Overview
    • Exceptions in PYTHON;
    • Iterators and Generators in PYTHON;
    • Sequences in PYTHON;
    • Sets and mappings in PYTHON;
    • Modules in PYTHON;
    • Elements of functional programming in PYTHON;
    • Networking in PYTHON: SOCKET AND HTTP;
    • Data storage;
    • Asynchronous and multithreaded programming;
    • Metaclasses;
    • TYPING module in Python;
    • Unit testing;
    • PEP 8 specification.
    Учебный план картинка
    Class Prerequisites
    • Understand the syntax of the Python programming language
    • Create simple Python programs
    • Work with variables and data types
    • Use conditional and looping constructs
    • Work with functions and lists
    • Understand object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigms
    Учебный план картинка
    TOP skill you will learn:
    • Work with iterators and generators;
    • Handle program exceptions;
    • Work with sequences, sets and mappings;
    • Understand the basics of functional programming;
    • Learn the specifics of working with a network (TCP / UDP / HTTP ) and data formats such as JSON / CSV / XML;
    • Understand multithreaded and asynchronous programming;
    • Understand concepts such as metaclass and Python’s typing capabilities;
    • Learn unit testing and Python’s PEP8 coding standards, which are necessary to maintain a high quality codebase when developing commercial solutions.
    Учебный план картинка

    Python Advanced course at DEVrepublik IT learning center


    Do I need to bring laptop to classes?

    Yes, you need to bring your own laptop to classes so that to be able to work on it after the course.

    Is there an admission test?

    Yes, there will be an admission test to measure each student’s background.

    What is the schedule of the classes?

    We have 2 different schedules either 10-15 or 16-21. A more detailed schedule of the day can be found on the course page. Check the course to see which tie suites you most.

    Will I get employment after the course?

    Our career counselors are ready to help each student find a good job, but it also depends on you. You need to work hard to be able to master a new profession within 3 months. In case if you participated in all the lectures and submitted all the practical assignments for 95-100 scores, and you will not get a job within 3 months after graduation, we are ready to reimburse you money.