Rights and Responsibilities in IT – online course

    3 hours


    Tuesday and Friday


    18, 21 May


    1000 UAH

    Rights and Responsibilities in IT – online course

    Now in Ukraine, more and more developers are registered as sole proprietors and draw up contracts with companies.

    In most cases, the company assumes responsibility for the conduct of FOP, but blindly follow and sign everything is also not an option.

    We offer you a short webinar on legal literacy for developers and all employees in the field of IT.

    This webinar consists of 2 lectures, 1,5 hour each.

    You will be surprised to learn that the state can impose a fine of several million, and an overseas customer can hire a Ukrainian lawyer to punish the developer.

    We will teach you simple things that minimize the likelihood of negative consequences of being an honorary individual entrepreneur.

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    We will consider the following topics in this workshop:
    • Risks of being FOP. What does “responsible for all your property” mean ?;
    • FOP against an employee. Is an employment relationship worth giving half of your earnings to the state?
    • Copyright. What does copyright consist of? What belongs to the customer and what belongs to you?;
    • The limits of the non-disclosure agreement. What is privacy? Why isn’t this a joke? And where is the reasonable limit?;
    • Condition of non-competition. American fiction or Ukrainian reality ?;
    • Acts of work performed. Who needs them more and why people don’t like to talk about it?
    • Litigation against developers. Do they really exist?
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    After the course you will learn:
    • Read your contract not only diagonally;
    • Know which items are fundamentally important for the customer;
    • Understand what conditions are really worth bargaining;
    • Anticipate and analyze risks;
    • Work realizing the responsibilities;
    • Understand when the customer or the state can sue you.
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    Your Instructor

    Maxim Polishkevych

    Managing Partner at Rezultat Law Firm

    Education: Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University. Master of Laws. Professional Development Program of the IT Association and the Faculty of Law of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” – “IT Law”.

    He graduated with honors. 16 years of practical experience in the field of commercial law: support of transactions, tax planning, intellectual property rights, media law, judicial protection, etc.

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